What is Concentrated Perfume Oils Attar & How to Use Them


Perfume oils fragrance plays an important role in enhancing our personality manifolds. Perfumes oils are a part of our daily routine. From the signature fragrance we wear daily to the scent we wear during special occasions, helps make us feel pampered. The majority of us know arabic perfume oils and niche perfumes that are quite trending and like by all perfume lovers the globe due to their natural scent and long-lasting results. At khadlaj, we offer a wide range of perfume oils and niche perfume that are premium and exclusively available only at Khadlaj Perfumes Online Store.

What is Concentrated Perfume Oils (Attar)

Arabic perfume oils last much longer as compared to ordinary perfumes. Because these perfumes don't contain any alcohol, so their ability to last longer is higher. They are so intense that even a small bottle of perfume oil attar can last longer. These perfumes oils are made using a combination of natural ingredients like flower petals, saffron, oud, musk, amber, sandalwood, etc. that are an integral part of our culture.

Arabic Perfume Oils the Part of Arab's Culture

As per Arab traditions, using attar perfume oil is not only a part of daily routine, it is also an important part of life and religion. While getting ready for the wedding, the Arabic brides wear perfume oils from head to toe, especially Attar perfume oil that help enlighten their personality manifolds.

How To Use Concentrated Perfume Oils (Attar)

Using these perfume oils is quite easy, it will quickly become your signature scent. All you need to do is to dab a few drops on your wrist, behind your ears, and at other parts of your body. You can also dab a few drops on pulse points that are the warmest points on your body and applying a few drops here can help get a long-lasting result. Wait for 4-5 minutes to enjoy the aromatics fragrance. Due to the therapeutic value attached to these perfumes, oils are categorized according to their ability to warm or cool the body.

If you love wearing perfume oils and want to have a fragrance all day then Arabic perfume are the best. Due to the nature of concentrated perfume oils, it doesn't evaporate in the air rather will remain close to your skin for a longer time. You can buy these perfume oils and exclusive niche perfumes at the Khadlaj Perfumes Online store to pamper yourself and perfume gift sets your loved ones.

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