Get the best Perfume Type that Suits your Personality


Nowadays many new perfumes are trending in the market mainly natural perfumes and niche perfumes. Today the fragrance you wear describes a lot about your personality, it helps describe your style and personality. The scent is an invisible communicator of who we are and how we are carrying our personality. If you are thinking of buying perfume and confused about which perfume type suits your personality then you have landed on the right site

The perfume you wear helps to create a great impression on others. While buying a perfume, you must look at the fragrance, whether it's meeting your personality or not. On the other hand, if you are planning to gift a perfume to your loved ones, still this blog will help you to find the best perfume gift that suits their personality

Though it's hard to find a perfume that perfectly expresses every aspect of you, thus we have categorized different perfumes types recommendations for some general personality traits.

Niche Perfume: If you are someone who loves premium and exclusive perfumes or perfumes that no one has then you must check Khadlaj's niche perfumes. We have unlimited designs in niche perfumes for diversified customers that will suit your personality.

Spray Perfumes: If you are young, dynamic, energetic, and cheerful, then you can opt for spray perfumes. Also if you go to work these spray perfumes will best for you as these perfume sprays are ready to go.

Spray Perfumes Recommendations: Ummi Ahibbak, Suroor Purple, La Fede Miss Premiere, Code Viola Nectar etc. Check out our Spray Perfumes Collection for more.

Blends: If you love describing yourself as someone having a classy style and enjoying a full personality, then you must go for premium oud blend perfumes that last 48 hours.

Oud Blends Perfumes Recommendations: Oud Pour Klassik, Musk Pour Narcis, Oud Pour Shaikh, Oud Pour Noble etc. Check out our Oud Blend Perfumes Collection for more.

Bakhoor: If you are a person who loves his culture or looking for a perfume for your home then bakhoors are the best for you. Arabic bakhoor holds strong traditional roots and calm your mind and last long for 48 hours.

Bakhoor Recommendations: Qaiser Oud Muattar, Khalab, Bakhoor Kashmeeri, Bakhoor Bait Al Ahlam etc. Check out our Bakhoor Collection for more.

Perfume Oils (Attar): If you want to get noticed in the crowd or want a perfume that lasts longer throughout the day. Then natural concentrated perfume oils are made for you. These natural perfume oils last more than 48+ hours.

Perfume Oil (Attar) Recommendations: Al Fursan, Dehnal Oudh Combodi, Aaliya, Dehnal Oudh Asal etc. Check out our perfume oils (attar) Collection for more.

Different perfume available at Khadlaj is incredibly powerful. The fragrance of these perfumes is so powerful that it will make you feel delighted. According to types of research, it has been observed that 75% of our emotions are caused by what we smell, and there are more chances of remembering what we smell than what we see or hear.

So check out our premium & exclusive perfumes collections and buy perfumes online that suits your personality from Khadlaj Perfumes online store that introduces many niche perfumes and Arabic perfumes for its diversified customers.