The Best Scented Bakhoor Perfume Incense

The Best Scented Bakhoor Perfume Incense

Everyone loves Arabic bakhoor as they are known for the scented chips that give a refreshing fragrance that makes you feel good and calm your soul. The Scented Bakhoor perfume gives a soothing effect and lets you feel special and pampered. These Arabian Bakhoor incense are also ideal for gifting purposes so your loved ones feel special and delighted.

But getting the right kind of bakhoor scented chips that suits all of your needs, is not that easy. But if you look at Khadlaj Perfumes, the best Bakhoors online shop in UAE & Middle East then you will find the best one for you. At khadlaj, we are presenting a wider variety of bakhoors. Here are some of the best bakhoor incense available at khadlaj for your consideration include:


is one of the top-quality bakhoor incense containing a perfect combination of natural essence ingredients. It is one of the most preferable bakhoor products in the market liked by all segments of people.

These luxuriant home fragrances include top notes of Bergamot and lavender allowing you to wear them while going to the office. You can buy Bakhoor Ganaa to energize your home and office environment in the most mesmerizing way.


BAKHOOR KASHMEERI is a premium quality bakhoor perfume manufactured using a combination of natural essence ingredients including aromatic woods, exotic flowers, natural barks, and tree extracts, etc. that keeps you away from all kinds of unwanted household smells like cooking, pets, damp clothes, etc.

This premium quality home fragrance includes top notes of Bergamot and lavender and is perfect to be worn at weddings, birthday parties, religious functions, etc. The aroma of this Arabic perfume is perfect to calm down your nerves and have positive thoughts.


OUD MUATTAR AFZAL offers a very pleasant and calming fragrance perfect to make your room smell nice. Whether   you are at your home or office, the soothing effect of this perfume will make you feel pampered. The QAISER OUD   MUATTAR gives an outstanding aroma that will complement your personality and will surely be liked by all your friends  and relatives


BAKHOOR BELAD ZAYED is a Khadlaj's tribute to the grandeur and nobility of His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. It is one of the best bakhoor incense available in the market and is made using a combination of various natural ingredients including aromatic woods, exotic flowers, natural barks, and tree extracts, resins, leaves & flowers.


The BAKHOOR BAIT AL AHLAM is crafted with the finest combination of oud, musk and rose to enhance your overall ambience. The wonderful musk aroma will make you feel pampered and let you feel distressed after a long tiring day. Wearing this perfume lets you feel pampered on every occasion. Whether you are wearing it on a special occasion, special gathering, or simply while going to the office as well, it will make you feel on top of the cloud.

When You Should Use Bakhoor

The majority of the people know that Bakhoor is a wood, which is dipped into perfumed oils. These chips can be burnt at different times and occasions like weddings and festivals or as a home fragrance mostly liked by people living in the Middle Eastern and Southeast Asia regions. Many people wear bakhoor perfume on special occasions, while many others like burning them regularly as a home fragrance.

If you want a niche perfume bakhoor incense then you have landed on the right site. Go through our wide range of bakhoor incense for various festive and wedding occasions at the most affordable rates.