What Is Arabic Perfume and How To Wear It



Using Arabic perfumes has been an important part of the Arab culture and Arabic people use the same for the past so many decades. The growth in Islam has further increased the demand for Arabic spray perfumes, especially, in the Arab world. Arabs and Persians spend many days travelling in scorching heat to get precious ingredients like saffron and wood that are used to make Arabic perfumes. Other kinds of ingredients that are used in the making of these arabian perfumes include amber, musk, henna, jasmine, frankincense (al Luban), sandalwood, and oud.

One of the ingredients like the Taif rose that grows in the valleys of Saudi Arabia is also used in manufacturing a key ingredient. Till today, the art of making Arabic perfume sprays is refined in the Arabic world only and others can easily recognize the lingering aroma of their signature scents when someone wearing the same passes by.

Arabian perfumes are not made using alcohol. Apart from concentrated perfume oilsbakhooroud muattaroud blend perfumes and pure oud chips bakhoor incense are quite famous. Using bakhoor is a part of Islamic tradition related to the Prophet's relocation from Makkah to Madinah when he was welcomed by bakhoor and chants.

How to wear Arabic Perfumes the Arabic way

  • Mix up and layer your scents well for creating your personalized signature scent.

  • Modern Arabs use eau de parfums. You can use different oils by dabbing them on your pulse points or can spray on some Eau de perfumes and even incenses together to create a cloud of scented air around you. You can explore your creativity.

  • One has to scent his/her body after it is washed and moisturized so that the smell longer.

  • People can use bakhoor or oud muattar on their hair and on clothes as well. Although bakhoor's are mostly used inside homes, Arabs use these scents on their hair and clothes as well.

  • This way one can enhance the fragrance of the scent without over-applying one specific scent.

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